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Cindyz Burger: Master Chef

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cindyz Burger: Master Chef (by Loongcheer Game)

This is a business simulation game focusing on cooking burgers. You’ll be Aiden, running a traditional artisan burger shop.

About the Game
As a burger shop manager, you need to learn how to make burgers, learn recipes, manage other staff, decorate your shop, and keep an eye on hygiene. It is not an easy thing, go and try it!

Aiden’s grandmother passed away, he took over her burger business without any prior experience. How can a traditional handmade burger shop survive under the fierce competition of modern major brand burger shops? You need to assist Aiden in acquiring the skills required to run a burger shop, overcome obstacles and pass on his grandmother’s craft.

Game Features

Unique art style
Light cyberpunk X Korean comic lines, break your stereotypical impression of a burger joint’s decor!
Various burgers to be unlocked
30+ delicious burgers, serve with a variety of salads, fries, and drinks. Become a burger tycoon and unlock more delicacies!

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef

Classical Simulation
Upgrade business skills, improve shop profitability, cultivate staff ability, and meet customer needs. A lot of decoration styles for you to choose from, create your own shop!
AI shop, easy to play
To achieve business automation, reasonable allocation of staff, collocation of intelligent robots, and lying can also earn money!

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef
Cindyz Burger: Master Chef

Special employment model
Two-way selection of employment and the need to run in with each other’s probation period, looking for the most suitable for your strong assistant, the best shop manager is you!
Extra business bonus
Serve food quickly and accurately, strike a Combo, trigger Fever Time for a limited time, and earn extra money by clicking wildly and mindlessly.

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef
Cindyz Burger: Master Chef

Business conditions, unexpected challenges
The star’s patronage makes your shop crowded, the mentor’s help makes customers ignore your mistakes; A faulty air vent makes it hard to see the catering table, a new staff puts food in the wrong place, and you need to pay extra attention to the eating habits of picky customers… Experience the real shop operation! How do you deal with these unexpected situations?
Funny mini-game, brings more fun
Raw ingredients sorting, tableware cleaning and organizing, kitchen garbage sorting, and special customers with questions to add more fun to your shop journey!

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