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Circle Re (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Circle Re (써클 Re: 홍월침식)

Time travel beginning with the future, the past, and the present!
Bonds with beautiful heroes that transcend time and space!
Only you can save everyone!

Your story with the princesses to save the world that was defeated by the demon king!
Traveling in time to the future 10 years later to save the broken world!
Become a traveler together and go on a journey to save our time!

써클 Re: 홍월침식

Dynamic graphic as if watching one animation!
Friendship with cute princesses accumulated through travel to save the world!
The more they increase intimacy, the stronger they become!
Get more than 30 stylish designs and gorgeous 3D cartoon girls!

써클 Re: 홍월침식

An urgent action that you can’t take your eyes off of for a moment!
No more stupid autos are boring! The thrill of this action flowing at your fingertips!
Seek through the attributes and fight against them, effective backslash!
Become a maestro who controls them!

써클 Re: 홍월침식

Call of the guild expedition against the demons!
There wasn’t one demon king! The only thing I can trust is my colleagues!
Recruit guild members and go on an expedition to the Devil’s Lair to advance and defeat!

써클 Re: 홍월침식

Everyone is equal in front of the bamboo window! Jukchang!
A bamboo spear that ignores hitting with a wallet!
In the arena of twilight where only control survives
Discover yourself with godly control!

Your own garden where you can find peace of mind!
If you are tired of the action that is too exciting,
Head to the garden and go on an adventure with Mara!
You will be able to get closer to the heroes such as juice and cake!

써클 Re: 홍월침식

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