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The description of City Life (by Zynga)

Enjoy adventures with the latest merge building game: City Life! As the Mayor, the citizens of City Life need the help of you and your advisors in these town merge craft games! Become a master of city design in this building game. It’s all up to you! Sculpt the land of City Life to your city game’s tastes; place the houses, shops, factories and office buildings where you like; even build yourself a mansion! Renovate your town into the envy of cities everywhere! The choice is yours in these renovation games!

Take your simulation city up a notch and merge buildings together to form new, better ones in these life games. Take the reins and become a builder game master as you create skyscrapers to turn a village into a city!


Enjoy everyday life in these merging games. Build a soccer stadium, then enjoy a game of soccer! There are surprises around every corner in simulation games, jump in to see what little surprises you can find!

City Life


Design your city, with famous buildings from around the world! Improve the decor of your city in these renovation games by adding the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and others!

City Life


Enjoy the relaxing games as you follow your doctors, firefighters, and police officers, and help them complete their town games activities.

City Life


Plan and construct the perfect city in these craft games. Where will the buildings go? Should you add a garden? Which buildings should you be merging? Everything is up to you in city building games. Dive in and simulate your perfect city in these free merge games.

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