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Civilization of War: Rise of Empire

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Civilization of War (by CYGAMES)

At the end of the world after the monsters erupted, here was once a land of peace and happiness. When the terrible monster infection suddenly broke out, most people became cruel monsters, and the civilization of the continent no longer existed. As the surviving emperor, in this continent full of dangers and existential threats, you want to rebuild your own imperial civilization. In any case, there is hope only if you survive. Although wood, crops, metals and monsters threaten the development of your country, in this cruel world of monsters, you can only conquer the entire continent by constantly improving the fighting power of the empire.

Civilization of War: Rise of Empire

Super realistic world map, the most primitive medieval style. Deserts, quarries, forests and various other terrains control the battle, you need to expand the territory and expand the territory of the empire

Civilization of War: Rise of Empire

Build buildings to accumulate wealth and resources, and speed up military training. Various arms and armed combinations make the battle full of variables and fun.

СкриншотCivilization of War: Rise of Empire

Send troops to defend against the invasion of monsters and make the empire famous on the mainland!

Civilization of War: Rise of Empire
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