Civilization: Reign of Power

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The description of Civilization: Reign of Power (by NEXON Company)

A new MMOSLG based on the world of Sid Meier’s Civilization 5.
Play your way through the ages and choose your path to victory! Will you win through Domination, Culture, or Science?
Recruit historical leaders spanning 14 civilizations. Draw on the knowledge of the world’s trailblazers and stand side-by-side with them in battle. Experience the thrill of the classic game on mobile with Civilization: Reign of Power!

Civilization: Reign of Power

Take on familiar challenges from the Civilization franchise
Domination Victory: Conquer the 13 World Wonders.
Science Victory: Develop your civilization by building a space station and conducting launches.
Culture Victory: Museum Great Work Production and Natural Wonder Occupation
Plus, stay tuned for new and awakened great people appearing each season!

Civilization: Reign of Power

Choose from one of 14 historical leaders.
Your Excellency! It’s time to build your civilization.
Choose one of 14 historical leaders, each with their own unique characteristics.
Recruit historical figures to expand your territory, form alliances, and lead your civilization to victory!

Civilization: Reign of Power

Follow the advancement tree to develop your civilization.
Transform your territory and advance your people through the eras to get an edge on your rivals!

Civilization: Reign of Power

Create 120 famous Great Works with your own two hands.
Try your hand at crafting Great Works in a system unique to Civilization: Reign of Power!
Create and obtain famous Great Works and decorate your own museum by solving mini-game puzzles.
You can even create a phonograph that will play music throughout your Gallery!

Civilization: Reign of Power

Recruit a great person and draw on the knowledge of a trailblazer.
Watch history unfold before your eyes when you recruit and develop historical figures from every era.

Civilization: Reign of Power

Attain absolute power by competing and conducting diplomatic relations with other alliances.
Engage in a diplomacy system exclusive to Civilization, where you can declare war, demand surrender, agree to truces, and form alliances. You can even compete against other alliances to become the ultimate victor!

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Civilization: Reign of Power

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