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Clash Boom(Kr)


Clash Boom CBT – Providence Time:
May 22 (Friday) 12:00 ~ May 29 (Friday) 12:00

The description of 클래시 붐(Clash Boom)

Special combination with up to 35 heroes in looting SLG history
A total of heroes such as Alchemist, Treasure Hunter and Frost Elemental!
Enjoy the battle with stylish visuals and colorful and diverse skills!

클래시 붐(Clash Boom)
클래시 붐(Clash Boom)

24-hour real-time looting and defense
A battlefield where you can’t slow down the tension for a while! Breathtaking real-time looting!
And defense strategy to prevent looting! Feel all of the war!

클래시 붐(Clash Boom)
클래시 붐(Clash Boom)

Weekly large-scale clan warfare system
Seasonal large-scale clan battles that begin on a weekly basis!
Become the best in the class of Clash Boom through clan-one cooperation and careful strategy!

Yeongji Construction with Strategic Emphasis
On the other hand, decorate the tolerance like urban management! And build a strategic defense base!
Feel the emotion of SNG in Clash Boom!

Explore freely in a vast world
Predatory SLG scenario content that you have never experienced before!
Enjoy a timeless crash boom with a variety of quests and challenges!

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클래시 붐(Clash Boom)
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