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Clash of Ark

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The description of Clash of Ark (by ZPtechnology)

[Clash of Ark] is an online strategy game set in a zombie rampage apocalyptic era where all the survivors can experience raft survival, merge craft, customized construction and the unique auto-battle.

In 2029, a viral disaster erupted, turning thousands of civilians into zombies. When the virus was circulating, it was discovered that those animal people were not mutated. Suspicion arose and many people believed that this was a virus designed by those animal-mans. The conflict intensified until two years later, when infected animal-mans appeared. Humans and animal-mans stopped the confrontation and set up a joint defense line. But the infested animal-mans were more destructive than expected. The world soon collapsed; countries and governments lockout, and we have entered a distinct post-apocalyptic era.


Oceanic Rafting Experience
Start your post-apocalyptic journey as a castaway and strive to survive on a the tiny raft. All you can rely on are nothing but fishing and salvaging supplies. You must find your ways to expand your raft or, even the smallest waves can crush out your hope of survival , let alone pirates or villainous weather.

Clash of Ark

Merge and Challenges
As you are drifting with the raft, you will encounter various challenges: unknown barrels, enemy rafts and even the Zombies! You have to merge to develop your own defense system; through deliberate combinations, your rafts will be the most reliable partner.

Clash of Ark

Unique Animal-Man Settings
Over 17 different races of Animal-Man heroes are ready for the call. Collect your favorite 3D heroes and through different tactic combination, maximize the power of your team.

Clash of Ark

Construct and Compete
The drifted life comes to an end after your arrival at ARK town and now it’s the time to compete with players from all over the world in the arena. Build your city, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, recruit and train your powerful armies to defeat the incoming enemies. Join the alliance and explore the post-apocalyptic world with your friends, fight infected zombies together and build your own post-apocalyptic line of defense.

Well-designed gameplay, gorgeous game graphics and abundant music choices! Download Clash of Ark and start your special survival journey!

Available: Google Play – USA

Clash of Ark

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