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Clash Of Avatars

Officially released

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Clash Of Avatars (by DaYu Tech)

Flexible Strategies
In Clash Of Avatars, you can find lots of different troops and heroes and create thousands of combinations using them. Enjoy pure, brutal force? Try Swordmaster rush. Fancy big numbers? You can build lots of soldiers to swarm the enemy base. Create flexible strategies to your liking!

Clash Of Avatars

Rapidly Changing Battlefield
Apart from the conventional troop countering, Clash Of Avatars also has many spells for you to utilize. Manage your lanes and spells to gain advantage and dominate the opponents!

Clash Of Avatars

7-Minute Quick Battles
Strategy games could last as long as half an hour, but that’s not the case here! We managed to limit each game under 7 minutes so you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Clash Of Avatars

Various Modes, Various Fun
1v1 solo, 3v3 team fight, casual mode, story mode, PvP mode… There’s always one mode for you to enjoy! You can even watch the livestreams of master players and learn from them.

Clash Of Avatars
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