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Clash of Deity

Official Launch(SEA)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Clash of Deity (by NetFun)

Gods exist because of people’s beliefs
Would die since people no longer believe
When the dusk is approaching
How should the gods save themselves
Stand together?
Or raise a doomsday war?

Clash of Deity is an IDLE card game with more than 100 Eastern and Western deity characters. Moreover, the game has diverse deity camps, innovative Roguelike exploration, special PVP & GVG arena gameplay, and a creative 3D perspective. We hope to give players a different and unique game experience! Just kick back and enjoy it!

Clash of Deity

– Epic Deities Design
Find prototypes from worldwide mythologies, draw inspiration from the ancient, the present, and the future, so as to create hundreds of distinctive images of gods! The Pantheon is waiting for you to conquer!

Clash of Deity

– 3D Real-time Strategy Battle Mode
Under the unique 3D perspective, freely choose five gods to create countless matching possibilities! Camp Bonus, Camp Restraint, Line-up Adjustment, Stunt Combination all can help you defeat the strong ones anytime, anywhere!

Clash of Deity

– Innovative Maze Dungeon Exploration
Rogue-like exploration gameplay, diverse dungeons and well-designed puzzle plots. You will not get tired of playing these!

– World-renowned Arena
Join a guild, challenge guild BOSS, participate in hegemony contests, win massive rewards and supreme status! Or you can enjoy the cyberpunk arena gameplay where players from all over the world can form a team fairly! Who can aspire to the top of all the gods?

– Carefree Gameplay
Work and study are so busy, playing games should be easier, right? Let your deities fight for you when you log off! Reap the rewards when you log on!

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Clash of Deity
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