Clash of Heroes

Official Launch+Apk

Clash of Heroes is a idle RPG mobile game that takes you on a relaxing but fun adventure!

You can recruit heroes, defeat monsters, upgrade hero levels and unlock powerful skills with just one click. Fight against the devil together with a strong hero team!

Game Features
-Place on-hook, fun and fun
Tired of work and no time to play games? Even after you’re offline, you can still make a lot of money!
Daily lucky turntable, diamond gold coins are free!

Clash of Heroes

-Five occupations, massive heroes
Massive heroes from five professions are waiting for your recruitment.
Upgrade the evolutionary heroes to get cooler shapes and better combat power to help you win easily!

Clash of Heroes

-Various gameplay, generous rewards
Explore the world and challenge the powerful boss
Gold coin instance, diamond instance, fragment instance, never worry about lack of resources again!

This is a great game for you to pass the time and relax. Come and download it now!

Clash of Heroes

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