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Clash of Mars

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Clash of Mars (by ICLOCKWORK PTE LTD)

“Dear Commander, Welcome To Your Martian Territory!“

Surviving on another planet is not easy at all—the fleet was devastatingly attacked; Professor Mask was killed; our base was frequently harassed by mutant creatures; immigrants were suffering from the extreme and barren environment… How could you survive on this red planet? There are no other options, you have to dominate and conquer the planet entirely – It’s for you, and also for your people!


Enjoy Classic 4X Strategy + Mars
– Explore the vast Martian world and figure out the hidden secrets and mysterious plots behind the scenes.
– Expand your territory to consolidate your superb dominance.
– Exploit rare space resources to upgrade your facilities and maximize your combat capabilities.
– Exterminate rivals and repulse alien mutants with your powerful army to protect your people.

Form Your Invincible Army
– Vulture Elite Tank, Condor, Hound Elite Warplane, Impact Cannon… all at your command! Arrange your armies and assign legendary heroes to maximize your battle force! Countless ancient heroes from history await you to summon! Let them become your loyal subordinates. Smash all enemies and win unparalleled glory!

Clash of Mars

Experience Abundant Gameplay Styles
– Defend your central base against creepy Martian brutes in the Capital Defense Dungeon! Occasionally tired of fighting? Come to the Ruins Dungeon to have fun in Merge Tower gameplay and relax! Moreover, endless pop-up events will never let you down!

Clash of Mars

Fight With Global Players
– Find your like-minded friends and fight side by side with a great common goal! Cooperate with players around the world to put evil mutants to flight! Create or join a powerful legion to vanquish all rivals effortlessly! When we are placed on this unfriendly planet, unity is the only solution. Let’s fight side by side to build Mars into our new sweet home!

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Clash of Mars

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