Click Chronicles 2

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The description of Click Chronicles 2

The Goddess has forsaken her people, leaving them without refuge as the devil rampages across the land.

Click Chronicles 2

Our endless prayers go unanswered, while evil tears at our bodies and tests our will. We, the Brave, must embark on a journey to protect our homeland and our loved ones.

Click Chronicles 2

Out in the wilderness, only the strength of our love can offer us protection, gather like-minded people to us, overcome the evil, and guide us home.

Click Chronicles 2

Game features:
Develop strategies; explore combinations of different camps, occupations, and battle formations to overcome powerful enemies.
Build your party; learn about your heroes and uncover their reasons for joining your cause.
Turn your enemy; defeat the demons and nuture their young as your own.
Use your enemy; collect demons and summon Guardian Beasts to aid in battle.

Experience the world in detail through the artwork, the eyes of your heroes, animated battles, and your enemies.

Click Chronicles 2

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