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Climb Dash(Netease)

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The description of Climb Dash

Dear courageous climbers, welcome to the world of climbing!
Climb Dash is a hyper-casual game where players can experience the utmost fun of climbing the most famous mountains of the world!

Easy to pick up and play, you only need to control the stickman to move right or left to aim at the clouds and climb to the peak. Try to climb as high as you can!

Climb Dash(Netease)

Let’s challenge how many mountains you can conquer and how high you can climb! And be warned: this game is really addictive!

Climb Dash(Netease)

Game Feature
– Conquer famous mountains in the world!
– Enjoy the Journey of Climbing!
– Climb to the peak of the world!
– Various tools & bonus Await You!
– Level up to get stronger!

Climb Dash(Netease)

Game Mode
– Level Mode
Multiple world-famous mountains are waiting you to conquer.
– Endless Mode
There is no height limitation in endless mode. Just climb as higher as possible.

Climb Dash(Netease)

Ways To Equip Yourself
Tool Shop
– Sprint 100m
– Auto grasp coins
– Resist one damage
– Increase charging speed

Level of Your Character
– Jump Height
Make your character jump higher.
– Dash Speed
Make your character sprint faster.
– Gravity relief
Reduce the characters’ gravity.
– Gold bonus
Increase the amount of gold collected in the level.

Climb Dash(Netease)
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