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Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure (by MountHorse)

The story began with one ordinary night. Coco, an adventurous girl, was skateboarding around her neighborhood. Suddenly! A mysterious portal appears! Strange looking trees and colorful flowers aren’t enough to describe the charm of this world. Without a second thought, Coco takes a huge leap to answer this unexpected invitation!

Discover a Magical Land

Travel from island to island through the magical portal, each island with a unique environment to explore and materials to collect.

Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure

Build and Design

Build your own house and design its surroundings. 10+ crafting workshops await to be rebuilt. 20+ lovely decorations to be collected and placed in your island.

Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure

Harvest and Cook

Harvest and collect various crops and ingredients to cook delicious cuisines.

Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure

Meet Friendly People

Visit friends from different islands. Invite them to stay in the cozy houses on your island.

Enjoy Lovely Stories

In this magical world, each character has their unique story. Learn more about them and enjoy their tales to be told.

Coco & Pepe: Island Adventure

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