Code: Airship – Project Zeppelin



💡Platform – Android(TapTap)

Test Time – May 7-May 14

The description of 代号:飞艇(篝火测试服)by Zeppelin Studio

“Code: Airship” is an adventure RPG with placement elements. You will drive the airship, catch elves on the way of adventure, gather partners, and explore the world above the clouds.

Background story
In this world of countless floating islands, adventure is an eternal theme.
Among them, the greatest adventurer of mankind “Silden” has always been the target of adventurous pursuit.
In today’s world,
Although there are thorns on the voyage, they will not affect the survival of mankind;
The dust-covered secret treasures are still scattered, but no more conspiracy and contention;
The elves or enemies everywhere are also partners of adventurers.
The adventurers set off on their own airboats to find the meaning of adventure.

Game Features
-Innovative real-time system placement RPG experience.
-Airship Adventure: Land and explore floating islands, harvest resources to make yourself stronger.
-Rune system: Rune comes with powerful skill effects, combination and match, skills evolve instantly, building BD fun makes the battle streamlined but not easy.
-Brave new world: Explore the world of floating islands with different styles, and collect and cultivate elf pets of different shapes, cute or mighty.
-Pet collection: Refining into a elves star formation, cultivate the elves with the strongest fighting style, and break through the limits of self-battle

Code: Airship - Project Zeppelin
Code: Airship - Project Zeppelin
Code: Airship - Project Zeppelin

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