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The description of Code Doomsday (by MOONJOY LIMITED)

Wild beast mutation following the massive mysterious virus outbreak plagued the earth as towns were invaded and human beings were slaughtered. Unprecedented doomsday crises encroached mankind’s homeland as mutants occupied and destroyed it…
All survivors urgently needed to learn how to adapt and survive this disaster-ridden world.
The successful research and development of bio-purification vaccines brought hope as survivors could tame the mutants by vaccinating them, turning enemies into allies. Mutant legions were then formed and trained to jointly build settlements and search for resources. With danger lurking around, all survivors shall rally and join forces to seize the last living space in the apocalyptic world, pursuing the dawn of the future of human civilization.

Settlement Reconstruction
As the doomsday catastrophe has reduced cities and towns to ruins, it is of great urgency to begin the settlement reconstruction. Start with your mutants to gather resources, construct havens and build a doomsday homeland shared by both humans and mutants.

Code Doomsday

Mutant Taming
Aim, and inject! No mutants, no matter how violent and ferocious, can resist from being tamed by the bio-purification vaccines. Survivors can first restore the mutants to their senses by injecting them with vaccines or feeding them food laced with vaccines, then gradually tame and train them until they become the most loyal, and capable combat companions for human survival in the apocalypse.

Code Doomsday

Herd Growth
Train, and evolve! Accumulate experience for mutants in constant exploration, tap their endless potential, breed and develop them into the strongest mutants, and make them the King of Monsters!

Code Doomsday

Explore Together
Search, and gather! Take mutants to explore the doomsday ruins and gather survival resources; rally survivors to form an alliance, fight and expand your forces with the four major units and mutant troops, while competing for and seizing every inch of habitable land. Fight for the revival of human civilization!

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Code Doomsday

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