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Coin Kings

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The description of Coin Kings

COIN KINGS is our completely new and very charming means of taking part in that good old competition between countries going above and beyond soccer and well, absurd world wars.

Has it always been your goal to show the Dutch who really knows how things should be done or to even let the Americans know who is really “first”? If so, then COIN KINGS is right up your alley!

Coin Kings
Coin Kings

Pick the clan of a real country, become the king of the clan, and then join your clan friends in conquering the rest of the world in a very friendly and charming manner.
After all, it’s about personal fame, a ton of gold, and a whole lot of common fun in taking possession of the majority of countries.

Coin Kings
Coin Kings

BECOME A COIN KING! There can only be one!

By playing the powerful Fortune Wheels and making clever use of obtained resources, you’ll make your way through and against your clan members all the way up to the tip of the clan iceberg.
Build your town into a profitable city. Equip your colorful horde to be able to increase your piles of coins as well as your status in glorious games against both friend and foe.
Make your way from being a simple farmer to the illustrious COIN KING and top your clan’s leaderboard!


Come conquer the world together with your clan friends. Every single victory achieved by any given clan member in a clan match counts!
And even if the ranking within the clan becomes an issue at the end of the day – when all is said and done, you’ve got to gain your points together in order to retain the most flags on the world map.


Spin the powerful fortune wheels and win tons of gold, trigger new incidents or pick up new items that will help you become the Coin King!
Become a part of our community and join us in starting up the competition for supremacy over the first 5 countries – more are on the way!

Coin Kings
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