CoinGrid – NFT/P2E

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of CoinGrid (by SKYPLAY)

A thrilling adventure and confrontation in Antarctica!
Antarctic ice is melting due to environmental pollution! Hurry up and save your friend in crisis.

CoinGrid - NFT/P2E

CoinGrid is an Easy & Enjoyable Casual game that you can enjoy in a simple 1-2 minute play, where you can go on an adventure with cute and cool characters, save friends, and grow through confrontation.

CoinGrid - NFT/P2E

It consists of single-player (Adventure) mode and multi-player (Match) modes, anyone can play lightly without stress with an easy and convenient interface and simple progression, but sometimes it requires a lot of tension and immersion to clear the stage.

CoinGrid - NFT/P2E

Play Tips
– Adventure: Jump over the floating ice and take your friends to a safe place. Above all, the timing of jumping is important.
– Match Game: Yes, no matter how many friends you save, Adventure is still lonely. Try to get more rewards and enjoyment through a simple matchup with your competitors.
– Friends List: You’ve found a lot of friends now! Get more friends by making best friends. Of course, improving levels and classes makes it easier to play game.
– Diamond Shop: Oh! you are exhausted because of too much play. Don’t worry. There are bananas for recovering your condition. Well, you may need more diamonds sometime.

CoinGrid - NFT/P2E

Official website

CoinGrid - NFT/P2E

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