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Colossus and War

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios (Coming soon)

The description of Colossus and War (by Explore Eternal AGE GAMES)

This land was once prosperous and peaceful. People farm, harvest, trade and build, all living in harmony. But then our happiness was destroyed. A hundred years ago, the restless and ferocious monsters started to wreak havoc throughout the world, attempting to cast the land into eternal darkness…People continued to fight against the invaders bravely, but suffered heavy casualties in the endless war. Their only hope is to have a wise leader to unify the fragmented country, vanquish the monsters and rejuvenate their homeland.

My dear lord, thank you for coming to guide us. The legendary heroes are waiting for you to dispatch. Our ancient totem will chant blessings for you and the powerful colossus will march beside your troops. Hope you can revitalize civilization and create a great and glorious new era!

‘Multiple Deploy Plans, Design Your Own Strategy.’

All actions will be taken on the enormous world map in the game. Over 180 cities with rich resources are scattered all over the world, waiting to be occupied by ambitious lords. There are different kinds of armors, weapons, troops and heroes for you to choose and deploy. In the game you can gather resources, attack enemies, occupy cities, explore ruins and build alliances. The different battlefields will offer you limitless strategic possibilities.

Colossus and War

‘Colossus Power’

Build your own colossus factory and operate the giant warrior by yourself.
The colossus will boost your troop strength in three ways: 1. Enhance the overall combat power of all troop units; 2. Boost troop ATK to sharpen your spear; 3. Guard your territory to strengthen your defense power. If you upgrade the head part of the Colossus, your defense ability will be further improved.

Colossus and War

As the colossus marches beside your troops, improving combat effectiveness and boosting morale, you can have everything in control.

Colossus and War

‘Build Your Power’

Roaming monsters and evil invaders are raging all over the world. My lord, to build a realm in the midst of chaos, you must gather resources, train troops and summon heroes to build your power. In any case, I believe you will conquer all enemies and rebuild our homeland!

Colossus and War

‘Weapons and Equipment’

There are a variety of items available for you to strengthen your forces: cold weapons, heavy weapons, magic power, solid armors, airships and more. You can even see the battle between cold weapons and cannons here. Therefore, armor and equip your troops as you like, and you can build your own strongest forces!

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Colossus and War
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