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Combat Legends

Early Access – Some countries

💡Platform – Android (MY,PH)

The description of Combat Legends (by SkyRise Digital)

Combat Legends is a medieval fantasy RPG mobile game. You are the sole heir to a declining empire. Recruit powerful Ministers, sire offspring with exotic beauties, or work with other players to deter invaders and rebuild your empire!

Compelling Story with Amazing Plot Twists
A fantasy tale with dragons, giants, night elves, and humans co-existing on a single continent. Experience the epic unions and feuds for yourself!

Combat Legends

Full 3D Graphics for Optimal Visual Experience
Relive a classic medieval fantasy tale with full 3D graphics and eye-catching animation and effects!

Combat Legends

Start a Family with Legendary Beauties
Travel across the continent to meet your fated companion! Sire offspring with your favorite ladies and groom them to be the next heir to your empire!

Combat Legends

Casual Gameplay – Progress at Your Own Pace
You can choose to progress the story and engage in bloody wars against invaders, or spend your leisure time on light-hearted events like riverside fishing or hosting fancy banquets for rewards!

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Combat Legends
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