Commander’s Warfare


Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Commander’s Warfare (by Gameward)

Start constructing your base, acquire resources, equip yourself with various combat and support units, attack and defeat your opponents. Equip yourself with what you need, face the opponents, and win.

Various unit types can be constructed, ranging from infantry to vehicles and air units. Combine units tactically with each other to defeat the enemy. All units can be upgraded to a higher level to become more powerful.

Commander's Warfare
Commander's Warfare
Commander's Warfare

● Free to play
● Raid hundreds of enemy bases for loot.
● Upgrade and defend your base against enemy attacks.
● Combine a multitude of laser cannons, mortars, machine guns, rocket launchers, etc. for your defense.
● Plan your strategic battles using combinations of troops, tanks, aircraft and feature upgrades.
● Research and upgrade units to make them more effective in combat.
● Login daily and collect valuable bonuses.
● Promote your base using the single player mode.
● Get Gems twice as much upon the very first purchase.
● Incredible 3D graphics.

Commander's Warfare

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