Conquer The Islands


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The description of Conquer The Islands (by SAFEBROS)

It all started After the international market crisis,
On the island p31, all our lab facilities were shut down due to poor funds.
Very soon the facilities run out of liquid nitrogen gases and the storage container came to room temperature due to which all the experimental viruses got released in the open air.

Conquer The Islands

The virus DNA started recreating to overcome the deaths.
Due to heavy rain on September 2043, the water got into the lab and the virus entered outside the lab affecting the island living creatures
People living in the area got reported for an unusual illness
Even trying all the medical facilities available on the island

Conquer The Islands

People were not completely cured in return doctors and medical facilities were getting effected
The virus was not just spreading by air and water now it started spreading in all living tissue
We created an antidote but to deliver it we have to kill the people suffering from the illness
They became zombies which few senses in tack

Conquer The Islands

We are sending our different troops to neutralize the island to make it live peacefully among the world and stop the virus from spreading to the entire world
Long ago we suffered from covid-19 in a similar manner
So with the advance medical equipment and vaccinated troops, we will secure the island and conquer back the island from zombies to humans once again

Conquer The Islands

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