Cover Shooter: Free Fire games

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cover Shooter: Free Fire games (by Rigbak)

Ready to play an offline action game? if you like 3rd person shooter or shooting games for free, you will love our Cover Shooter: Free Fire game.

Be a cover shooter in one of the best offline shooting games. Are you ready for the shooting showdown in this 3D cover firing game? Take the position with your friends and start winning againts your enemy. You should stop them at all costs.

Cover Shooter: Free Fire games

You are a pro shooter from cover in this game. Third person shooter is sent for finishing the critical ops mission. In Cover Shooter, this is a real encounter that shows your cover fire skills againts your enemies. It’s you or them. In Offline nonstop action game; cover, fire while switching the place in free to move the environment. Battlezone is all yours, prove yourself worthy in battlefield.

With most realistic gameplay and graphics in the market, powered by using Unreal Engine, be the master of the battle.

Cover Shooter: Free Fire games

Choose your elite force and equipment, customize your character, customize guns and defeat your enemy. In Cover Shooter, you can select multiple combinations of gears and guns, customize them and build your own character.

Cover Shooter: Free Fire games

In this game you willl find unique war-zone environments, excellent gameplay mechanics and realistic gun models and sounds.

Cover Shooter: Free Fire games

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