Creatures of the Deep

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Creatures of the Deep (by Infinite Dreams)

Disturbing news is coming from all over the world about mysterious monsters from the deep.
You need to reach out to the local people and investigate. You don’t have much time!

Creatures of the Deep

Join Anglers across the globe and travel through the world’s most exotic fishing locations, cast a fishing line and catch record fish, sea creatures, underwater treasures and even some monsters.

Creatures of the Deep

DISCOVER the world’s most exotic fishing locations
CATCH over 100 fish, creatures, items and even monsters
MEET some crazy anglers
CHALLENGE other players
SOLVE the local mystery
HELP save the ocean
BUILD your camp

Creatures of the Deep

This incredible adventure will introduce you to the fascinating underwater world, full of puzzles, curiosities, and the most unique animals on earth.

Explore the depths, and be the first to find all the secrets. Catch the biggest fish in the location and become the master angler. Great discoveries and ancient treasures await you.

Creatures of the Deep

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