Crime Time Adventure


💡Platform – Android

The description of Crime Time Adventure (by Dali Games )

Crime Time Adventure is an addictive adventure game full of mysterious investigations taking place in the recesses of the human subconscious.

In Crime Time Adventure you will play as Dale, an unconventional detective who uses his supernatural abilities, to solve mysterious criminal investigations, by exploring the memories of his clients.

Crime Time Adventure: Detective Story Game

Terrorist attacks and civil unrest are the order of the day. The world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe, and corrupt officials sit in the pockets of the CEOs of monopoly corporations. You have to find yourself in this dangerous environment, discovering secrets that will lead you to the truth about yourself.

Crime Time Adventure: Detective Story Game

About Dali Games:
Dali Games is a dynamic indie studio. We are a group of enthusiasts for whom creating games is something more than just providing high-level entertainment. We have a lot of unconventional ideas, and in our productions we try to raise important social problems, we intrigue and encourage reflection.

Crime Time Adventure: Detective Story Game
Crime Time Adventure: Detective Story Game

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