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Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission (by Tap Lab)

As one of the top families in Morel, the Field Family used to run most of the underworld businesses. Until one day, your father was betrayed and stabbed to death. As the heir of the Mafia Boss, you took over the chaotic situation without hesitation, but a storm is brewing in the dark…

Listen to the footsteps of the enemy
Find the most stealthy enemy in the crossfire or the concrete jungle. Use your scope wisely and target them precisely. Impress your enemies with a brilliant strike.

Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission

Intense Warfare! Fight alongside your allies!
Mob life is cruel. Band with your brothers and sisters to fight against waves of opposing gangs. Endless treasures in the underworld are awaiting its owner! Feel the gunfire!

Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission

Build a Mafia Empire
Accumulate your wealth quickly by building casinos, nightclubs, and armories. Equip your men with powerful firearms and vehicles. Defeat enemies who get in your way, and create your own mafia empire!

Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission

Luck, Luck, Luck
The underworld is not all about wars. Entertainment makes your exhaustion disappear. Enjoy the surge of adrenaline and take a break from the bloodshed once in a while.

Recruit and Rule
Are you truly ready to be a new boss, the leader of the family? What you need to do is to revive your family’s businesses, expand your territory, recruit various talented experts, train soldiers who would die fighting for you, and reclaim all the territories for your own.

Available: Google Play – USA

Crimson Crime: Sniper Mission
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