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Cryptic Legends: Unique Heroes & Epic Battles CCG

Official Release

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Cryptic Legends (by Cryptic Legends)

Cryptic Legends is a collectible card game (CCG) of epic heroes dueling for the favor of the Gods. Packed with strategic gameplay and automated combat, players can enjoy the game at their own pace while exploring the lore behind the world of Cryptic Legends.

Collect unique heroes. In the fantasy world of Cryptic Legends, there are millions of heroes equipped with unique combinations of skills and talents.

Engage in auto battles. Strengthen your tactics and assemble your ultimate warband to conquer the seasons, battle the mythical events and clash with other players in the arena.

Upgrade your heroes. Create unique skill trees based on your hero classes and talents. Customize your heroes as often as you like by assigning skill points as you see fit.

Discover the world of glorious legends. Collect all talents to piece together the truth about the origin of the world. The stories of Cryptic Legends are inspired by authentic sagas, folklore, and fairy tales. Players are revealing them gradually by progressing through the game.


Players compete against each other in asynchronous automated turn-based battles. By selecting heroes, arranging their positions, and configuring their skills and items, players get ready to raid. Yet, each player knows only partial information about the rival team and must use their knowledge wisely before joining the battle.

Cryptic Legends: Unique Heroes & Epic Battles CCG

Cryptic Legends’ PvP arena is designed for motivated RPG players eager to take upon any challenge. Configuration of the skills and equipment is instantly familiar, while innovative battle mechanics allow players to play the game casually without losing focus on strategy and tactics.


Cryptic Legends’ trading cards are designed for the true fans of strategy games and competitive card games.

Cryptic Legends: Unique Heroes & Epic Battles CCG

Wining in battles grants you Divine Favour – currency players use to buy new card packs and expand their hero collections. By collecting cards with different talents, players will gradually discover the origin story of their heroes. After each battle, heroes get new experience points thus expanding the range of their skills and talents, meaning that the formation of your deck is ever-expanding. Another way to boost your card is to earn rewards within the game, whether regular, daily or weekly! Or you can purchase new packs for a reasonable price. Up to you!

After all, new legends are made every day.


All heroes are stored on the blockchain. When you buy a card, it is yours to keep, play, and trade. Yet, be aware that cards differ in value (whether in combat or for trading). There are four classes of heroes – Warrior, Priest, Hunter, and Mage – each of its merit and each equipped with different skills and talents. In Cryptic Legends, players can expand their card collection to try different setups, builds, or classes and observe how they fare in battle.

Cryptic Legends: Unique Heroes & Epic Battles CCG

So, tell us, are you worthy of LEGEND?

Download it for FREE now and start your battle!

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Cryptic Legends: Unique Heroes & Epic Battles CCG
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