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Cthulhu’s Diary


The description of Cthulhu’s Diary

The mysterious and frightening world of Cthulhu, freely matched Roguelike strategy gameplay!

Following the guidance of the diary, the ancient and mysterious veil is gradually uncovered, and the city of relics shows its sight!
Is it a danger or a treasure on the way? Waiting for you to come and explore!

Cthulhu's Diary

Game features:
1. Changeable Roguelike game
-Random levels and monster matching
-Rich terrain is an obstacle and a barrier
-Travel strategy with variable abilities

2. Different types of skill mixes
-Powerful attack power, indestructible, rich means, experience every skill, they will come in handy at any time!
-Try to match various skills, because you are not so lucky every time, so you need a variety of solutions.
-When you get the best skill match, experience the whole battle heartily!

3. Explore a mysterious and different world
-Monsters with different shapes and abilities must be handled carefully!
-Look there is a jar! Guess what will be inside!

In this mysterious world, be extremely careful about unknown creatures in the mist. When you are alone, what will happen next is unpredictable.

Cthulhu's Diary
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