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Cube Blast

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The description of Cube Blast

A special Match-3 Strategic Battle Game that you have never seen before! It will give you a completely different gaming experience!
This is Cube Blast, a game that will keep you hooked for a long time with its unlimited fun!

Cube Blast

Cube Blast is an addictive Match-3 game that allows you to play against global players through very simple Match-3 rules. In this game, matching or linking color cubes can summon powerful heroes with special skills.

Cube Blast

If you are a good commander, you can recruit the most powerful heroes, develop strategic battle formations, and use various skills to defeat your enemies.

How to play
Link three or more cubes of the same color and make them disappear to summon heroes to attack the enemy.
Link four or more cubes, a special skill cube will appear. Use the cube skill to deal a fatal blow to the enemy.

Cube Blast

Key Features:
Simple, addictive and fun Match-3 gameplay
Play against global players for PvP battles
Match cubes for crazy combos
Unique and innovative powerful skills
Six different races of heroes to team up with
Fierce global ranking competition
Build or join a guild to expand your influence
Rich rewards for defeating your enemies
Become the ultimate commander to conquer the battlefield

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Cube Blast
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