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Cubic Legend

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The description of Cubic Legend

Gear up your cubic heroes to save the crumbling world!
Welcome to a magical world shattered by the ancient grudge between two opposing camps. You, adventurer, are now on a mission to eradicate lurking darkness and reveal your own destiny.

Cubic Legend

Simply make a few taps to guide your heroes through stages and clear the map. Take your own pace in turn-based battles, heroes will continuously fight for you even when offline. Collect loots and check your team to level up during a cup of tea.


Cubic Legend

Cute Graphics & Highly Original Art Style
This is like nothing you’ve seen before – every hero is designed to be cubic. While incorporating figures and colorful elements from many classic games, Cubic Legend also combines 2D anime with 3D design to create a surreal yet vivid world layout.

Cubic Legend

Gacha, Recruit & Upgrade
Collect various heroes from different factions. Team up deadliest DPS, Roamers and Supporters from MOBA games and build the best formation. Upgrade and evolve them to unlock exclusive looks. Balance your squad of silent Assassins, arcane wielding Wizards, Dragons, Vampires, Priests, underground Fighters to defeat enemies, and recruit the vanquished!

Abundant Gears and Skills for Strategy Masters
Discover over 100 upgradable items scattered across the world to gear up your hero. Reunite your hero with his once-lost blade. Customize heroes’ talents to unleash potentials. Read their stories, and activate personal bonds between heroes to make your team unstoppable. Strategy wins.

Diverse and Dynamic Gameplay
Dungeons to explore, Arenas to dominate, Towers to climb, as well as Conquest Ladder, Labyrinth, group campaigns, and periodical events giving out numerous treasures. The game even incorporates an RPG mode in which you can relive the hero’s past, choose carefully at unpredictable events and reveal different finales.

Dedicated Personal Cheer-Leaders
You might have entered this world alone, but loneliness now evaporates at her arrival. Tired of endless killing? She is always there for you at the camp. Fully interactable and supportive, she will boost morale and provide you with the energy to get on the road again. Unlock exclusive outfits for her and she will pay back with more benefits.

Cubic Legend
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