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The description of Curse of Glory (by Funcheergame)

CURSE OF GLORY:LEAGUE is a new role-playing Western fantasy theme game with top-notch graphics. The game has a huge world view and plot. The player plays the strongest force against the darkness in the game, wandering the wide Akadi continent, rescuing refugees, confronting threats, and reorganizing human civilization.

The game is centered on main missions and side missions. Players control heroes to defeat enemies to complete missions. Each mission will receive corresponding rewards. In addition, defeating instance bosses or wild bosses has a chance to obtain rare items. In the battle, you can see the right time to release your ultimate move, cut the opponent to the ground, and leave your legend.

Background Introduction
The Arkadi continent is in chaos and darkness descends. The demons from the demon world break through the space and reach the human world. They join forces with the dark forces to invade the entire Arcadia and extract the power of Satan to dominate the Arcadia.
The Holy See of Light rules the empire of the mainland as the strongest force against the darkness, but the surface is charitable and radiant, while the back is unscrupulous for the so-called purification.
At a time when the various forces are in turmoil, a new force is emerging, in order to overthrow the rule of the Holy See, resist the demons born in the dark, and make the final struggle to defend the civilization of the mainland…

Curse of Glory:League

Many occupations
You can choose from a variety of professions such as warrior, mage, and shadow. Different professions can also be transferred in two stages. After success, you can learn more powerful skills and wear various equipment to output extremely strong damage. No longer follow the cookie-cutter attribute setting, create your own character;

Curse of Glory:League

Large PVP
Invading dark forces, warring factions, and savage wild animals have turned the world into a dangerous place, but not all threats come from outside. In the chaos, the guild clashed fiercely with each other for land and resources. Will you ally to maintain peace, or conquer in the name of the strongest? No matter what decision you make, you are not alone! Create or join a guild, build a guild fortress, and become a savior or conqueror;

Curse of Glory:League

Energetic World
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery. As you explore every inch of this land and uncover its many secrets, fly into the sky to get the best view. After a long adventure, visit enthusiastic NPCs to get their best blessings, or immerse yourself in the charming melody of the forest to eliminate your worries;

Curse of Glory:League

Designed for mobile devices
A special game engine built from scratch can maximize mobile performance, release devastating skills, and perform a large number of combos through optimized touch control

Curse of Glory:League
Cyber Fantasy

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