Cyber Honey

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of サイバーハニー (by Sunshine Games株式会社)

A dramatic beautiful girl RPG with the concept of “voice actor idol” x “audit” x “game” for the first time in a smartphone game!

The hero who sings the theme song is decided by the in-game audition!

20 voice actors selected by the auditions conducted at SHOWROOM, mysta, LINE LIVE, Mikucha, CHEERZ, REALITY, and Tomodachi Quest have been selected as the main heroes!

In addition, the voice actor of the hero selected in the in-game audition will sing the song of Katsuhiko Sugiyama, who won the “Record Award for Best Composer”!
You decide it!
You can support your growth by feeling the “real” voice actors as to what kind of voice actors you will become in the future!

Katsuhiko Sugiyama is a hit maker who provides many songs to Nogizaka46, Leo Ieiri, idols and J-POP artists.

We will create a wonderful song like “Hope” that will direct the ephemeral and strong growing new girl heroes to the light!
A cheering song for “pushing” with you! Details will be announced on the official SNS later!

Official collaboration delivery held!
Voice actors auditioned as “Cyber ​​Honey Official” will perform live distribution and game distribution.
You can also see the daily lives of beautiful girl heroes! ??
Discover your “push” hero, voice actor, and go to the center with your support!


Sophisticated graphics, beautiful girl heroes are moving!
Beautiful girl heroes drawn vividly in every detail are moving!
Unique heroes advance the story and get GET!


Destroy enemies in turn-based tactics battles!
A turn-based battle where you move the hero by tracing the squares and attack!
It is easy to understand with a simple strengthening system, and it is possible to train players to their liking!
Equipped with auto mode to fight automatically and double speed battle. Even those who are not good at games can easily play!


Acquire hero weapons and release characters!
Acquiring a hero’s exclusive weapon unlocks the locked hero.
Attack characteristics and abilities vary greatly depending on the exclusive weapons and equipment of each hero.
You can challenge various difficulty levels of the story and get your own weapon.

Battle with Big Boss! Aim for site destruction!
There are destructible parts in the main boss.
Destroy certain parts and get materials for special weapons and rare equipment!

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