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Cyber Savior

Early access(Beta Test)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Cyber Savior (by taptaptap-game)

You can choose from over a hundred different cards, synergizing with different relics, building your own customized deck to defeat enemies in your adventure.

Roguelike Adventure
Every new game generates a different map route, item drops, random events, and enemies, giving you a unique experience every time. 

Cyber Savior

Customizable Deck
Over a hundred different cards for you to build your own deck, outwit your enemies with strategic planning!

Cyber Savior

Legendary Relic
Choose the right relic to synergize with your deck, unleash the maximum potential of your deck.

Cyber Savior

Unique Companions:
Over 50+ companions to team up, collect their signature cards, join forces to defeat powerful enemies.

Cyber Savior
Cyber Savior

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