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Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Cyberpunk Hero (by Azur Interactive Games)

Enter the immersive and cruel world of Cyberpunk, full of criminal gangs and police, to become a real Hero. Upgrade your epic abilities to fight through the endless hordes of enemies and leave them no chance. Master your tactic by strategically equipping the best weapon, armor, and drones.

Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike

Unlock new Guns and Skills to become better, faster, stronger and much more lethal to kill all the cybernetic gangsters and robots that are trying to hunt you down in order to get the bounty for your head.

Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike

Game is Easy to learn, but Hard to master. Controls are simple and intuitive – you either auto shoot or tap to move. You have only one life for each run so self defence is a key to master the game.

Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike

Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike features:

– CYBERPUNK world with immersive dungeons.
– SIMPLE one finger control with auto shooting.
– HUNDREDS of levels, each one with its unique cyberpunk monsters and weapons.
– ROGUELIKE with endless replayability!
– DETAILED hero upgrade and customization system.
– CRAZY guns, epic armor and other cybernetic equipment.
– CHALLENGING dungeons level design with hard enemies, tanks and robot bosses.
– OFFLINE rewards while you are away.

Cyberpunk Hero: Epic Roguelike
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