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Cyberpunk Mobile – Star City

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cyberpunk Mobile – Star City (by Mechanist Games)

This is Star City, the most Cyberpunk City in the world! There are shining robotic arms, colorful neon lights, and gangsters roaming everywhere, but all of these belongs to the Fujiwara Group. You start as a nobody that dreams of owning everything in the world. Gather your friends, train an army loyal to only you, and build your gang! Will you be the one to bring down the Fujiwara Group or become the next Fujiwara Group?

Star City welcomes you!

[Super Cyber! Super Punk!] Twisting and bizarre stories, specially designed characters and scenes, freely customizable buildings! Welcome to the real mobile Cyberpunk!

[Creative Features]
– Getting drunk in a bar? Boring! There are more than just drinks in a bar. The Ultra Dream mission brings you the experience of different lifestyles and juicy rewards.
– Want to wake up filthy rich? Who doesn’t! Take the Bank Vault challenge. Break through the defense line and put those riches into your bag!
– Getting sneak attacks by an opponent? Real-time battles against players worldwide. Seize opponent’s Recruits and fight to the end!

Cyberpunk Mobile - Star City

[Enlist Your Recruits] The old man next door was an expert hacker back in the days. The boss of the sushi restaurant is the biggest underground leader in the world. This is Star City; every character has an unimaginable story behind them waiting for you to dig it up. Can you get their recognition and lead them to the top of Star City?

Cyberpunk Mobile - Star City

[Open Battlefield, Epic Battle] There are no stages, rules to stop your expedition to Star City. Choose where to settle your turf, how to arrange your turf construction layout, and when to attack and fight, it’s all up to you

Cyberpunk Mobile - Star City

[Find Your Allies] Jointly research and develop science and technology with your gang, fight for the honor of your gang, and share your turf layout with friends and allies. Or simply go in an all-out fight and capture enemy Recruits. Star city does not joke around!

Cyberpunk Mobile - Star City

[Real-time Battles with Players Worldwide] Thousands of players battle on the same screen to fight over Star City, but only one will take control of it! For honor, for glory, for Star City! Who will be the one to own it? Get ready for an adventure of Cyberpunk hegemony!

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Available: Google Play – Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands

Cyberpunk Mobile - Star City
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