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Dance Now 2 (TH)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Dance Now 2 (by ATALATA CO., LTD.)

Dance Now 2
Let’s draw a cute step-dance pattern. And a touching friendship with this sequel to the beloved and familiar dance game Upgraded, new system upgrades, new modes, many fashion, along with stunning pictures and sounds. Even more alang Meet old friends, old gangs, and new friends in Dance Now 2’s return today.

[Featured system]
School Idol
Enjoy the story of the cute idols. Challenge different stages and classes To receive many special prizes

Item Mall Shop
Fashionista’s source There are more than 300 fashion outfits, wings, faces, hairstyles, accessories, gorgeous vehicles.

Production plant
Collect designs and produce more than 100 fashions according to your desired style.

★ Studio Magic
Upgrade the effect for the fashion. Shine more than anyone with a wide variety of effects on your floor.

Dance Now 2

★ Community Relaxation
The Lost Man map and a huge theme park where you can meet and talk. Rest with friends Your gang And make many new friends

★ Pets
Adorable pets with special abilities And can also upgrade pets as well

Dance Now 2

★ Card system
Collect rare cards to increase your stats. For your idol character, whether it is fame, skill, dance, dexterity.

★ Dance mode
Can compete in both individual and team competitions. With 3 main dance modes that you are familiar with. Both mode bubble, classic, rhythm

Dance Now 2

Ranked mode
Competition mode to take on the real idol dancer battlefield.

Wedding mode
Gender-Free Wedding Ceremony Any gender can get married. With a very elegant, spectacular, impressive and full of your guest friends.

★ Home mode
That can create a system of kinship and also have many achievements. To complete and receive great rewards.

Official websitehttps://dn2.in.th/

Dance Now 2

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