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Dance with Dragons: Throne War

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The description of Dance with Dragons: Throne War

The battle between humans and demons has been going on two hundred years, with major powers of the mainland vying for the throne. A great war begins at the moment when the Chosen One set foot on this chaotic land.

“Dance with Dragons: Throne War” is a multiplayer online war strategy game. You are a knight in a fantasy world. Try to manage your people and upgrade cities and technologies.

Build your alliance to expand territories, and defeat enemies with global players.

Strengthen your power and be the lord!

Dance with Dragons: Throne War
Dance with Dragons: Throne War

Enjoy the battle in perfect fantasy
Choose a natural barrier as the defense? Or deploy a scout team to distract the enemy and another team to attack their weakness? It’s your time to show great strategies in this western cartoon game world. With magnificent city and exquisite metal texture details, this epic fantasy masterpiece will lead you into a real battlefield.

Dance with Dragons: Throne War
Dance with Dragons: Throne War

Find a balance between Offense and Defense
Within the restricted terrain, one man can hold out against ten thousand. For Offense, probe the enemy situation to seize the opportunity, and choose vantage points for breakthroughs. For Defense, organize containment and strong support to interrupt the enemy plan for counterattack. The situation is unpredictable. Hold your step and enjoy this excitement.

Dance with Dragons: Throne War

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