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Dark Banquet

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The description of Dark Banquet (by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)

Game Introduction
Plagues, sacrifices, murders… The third millennium of this world is filled with chaos and devastation, there is no laughter to be found. The dark sea of thoughts here can easily drag you in by the throat, as life and death have never been so intertwined. “You are all sacrifices.” Who decides who dies and who lives?

Dark Banquet
Dark Banquet
Dark Banquet

No one knows.
Hello, Deathless. Are you a soldier, a bounty hunter, or a wandering mage? No matter what your class is, you have a long path ahead of you. Your journey will be filled with darkness and trials. I just have one question. Will you succumb to the darkness, or do you have what it takes to complete this adventure?

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