Dark Eden

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 新血魔伊甸園 (by BBGame HK)

The Holy Book of Blood in the prophecy has reappeared in the Garden of Eden. The resurgence of the power of darkness has broken the seal and assimilated countless creatures into infected people. They want to use the Holy Book of Blood to resurrect the “primitive” who once dominated the darkness. Occupied… For the long-term survival of the race, the people and blood races who have been fighting for thousands of years have decided to stop the war and jointly deal with the infected. Since the battle is inevitable, come! Then make a bloody way!

Dark Doomsday Classic Continue
Originally authorized by South Korea’s SOFTON company, Doomsday Diablo MMO is back! The ultimate reproduction of the scene style of the future apocalypse, six major occupations, siege warfare, holy book warfare, restore the original classics, and reproduce the beauty of violence in PK.


Hundreds of people will be launched at the touch of a button
The human race with futuristic technology and the vampire vampire race that controls magic, facing the menacing infection frenzy, the two races of human and blood band together to defend against the enemy, and fight the infected to resist the invasion of the dark forces.


Crazy Boss High Explosion Rate
Fill the screen with monsters, fight happily, fight treasures with the guild brothers collectively, compete for Bosses, and you can explode the gods by brushing, with a super high explosion rate, the per capita gods are no longer a dream.


Break up the whole team battle
Team competition is the charm of the game. Siege battles, holy book battles, cross-server battles, etc., emphasize social interaction, show loyalty, fight side by side with brothers, and enjoy the excitement of group battles.

Trendy and cool fashion styles
Fashion social, cool and cool Guangwu, fashion, wings, different styles, free to match, to create your own personalized style.

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/XMYDY.BBG

Official website https://darkeden.bbgame.com.tw/reserve?utm_source=fbpost


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