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Dark Eden M (Jp)


The description of Dark Eden M

Perfectly recreate the world of MMORPG Dark Eden
Enjoy the orthodox world end concept of “Dark Eden M” on your smartphone. PK aesthetics of that time and a new world are waiting for your participation!


Characteristics by race
Vampire and Slayer showdown. The opposition of magic and science. New occupations in various settings. Weapons and skills with the characteristics of various races await your entry!

PK confrontation spreading in various fields
Conflicts between races are placeless. Whether it’s field hunting, duels, dungeons, guild wars, or whatever, the war begins there if you wish. Release your struggle in your heart.


Rich variety of play systems
Unique class system: Only slaughter is the path to growth. Endless PK is the way to strengthen your ability.
Makeover/Pet System: Change your look and gain more powerful abilities.
World boss competition: A powerful climax. The boss is not the only one facing us!
Various Raids: Earn lots of experience points, materials, coins, and other items that will help you grow.
Large-scale race war: Large-scale rivalry such as guild war and Bible war. Feel the horror of the showdown.
Production system: Create all necessary items from materials to equipment.
Free trading system: You can trade almost any item in the game. Build your own exchange function.
Special Wanted System: Invoke tribal unity and take revenge.


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