Dark Throne : The Queen Rises – NFT/P2E

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Dark Throne : The Queen Rises (by EPIC LEAGUE)

Dark Throne
The heroes of the human world begin a great adventure to bring peace back to Izendar, the human land occupied by the Demon Realm.
Enjoy a variety of gameplay options, such as ever-growing demons, epic items, three different game modes, etc.

Authentic ‘hack and slash’ action role-playing game with
Battles with intense actions with thrill
Exhilarating pleasure of sweeping enemies away at once with exquisite skill action!

Dark Throne : The Queen Rises - NFT/P2E

Various missions and hidden traps with:
Captivating battles in the demon world imbued with intricate plots and missions to complet
New dungeons being changed with infinite combinations
Boss stages requiring unique strategies

Dark Throne : The Queen Rises - NFT/P2E

Charming heroes with various characteristics
Paladin, Assassin, Demon Hunter and more
A variety of weapons and armors, and action-skills

Dark Throne : The Queen Rises - NFT/P2E

AAA quality game
Jeehyung Lee as Art Director, who is also the cover artist of renowned comic books
Dark Throne OST featuring K-Pop top producer Keeproots
Sound effects that maximize the immersion of the game

Official website https://darkthrone.epicleague.io/#nft

Medium https://medium.com/@epicleague

Dark Throne : The Queen Rises - NFT/P2E

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