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Darkest Dungeon

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The description of Darkest Dungeon

Dungeon adventures , Climb tower , Challenge Devil!

“Darkest Dungeon” is the most popular dungeon adventure game with Diablo style!

Darkest Dungeon

Dungeon and Adventure Game
1000 years ago, man defeated the monsters and sealed them in the Darkest Dungeon.As time flows, the power of the seal has weakened and the evil is gaining strength. For justice, you will step into the castle to reseal the monster!

Personalized combat system
– Plenty of skills to choose from
– The Talent system lets you play your way! Barbarian, Rogue, Magic-User, etc.
– Attribute combinations help you grow in the direction YOU choose
Adventure around every turn!

Darkest Dungeon

– Pet and Monster Grow with you.
– Random maps give you a new experience every time
– Tons of Missions and Achievements
– Addictive dungeon crawling experience
– Daily Login & Arena awards
Immersive gaming experience

– Manage multiple ore mines to accumulate resources
– Mine War Get More Resouce.
– Shops have random surprises every day
– Dynamic Pet system: Lots of pets with individual attacks, unique leveling system and more
– PVP Arena challenge, compete globally with other players! Battle your way to the top!

Awesome equipment system
– You can pick up dozens of different looks and abilities
– Armor and Weapon strengthening, forging and gem-setting are all available
– Unique Recast system helps you push the limit

Let us defeat the demons together and seal them back into the endless abyss.

Darkest Dungeon
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