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Darkest Rogue 3D : Slingshot RPG

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Darkest Rogue

Enjoy this classic turn-based roguelike RPG!

Somewhere inside a dark prison, a burning pain causes the hero’s eyes to open.
The only way to get free of their curse is to find the magic book called the “Necronomicon.”

Find the “Necronomicon” hidden within
and banish the darkness of the dungeon to light the way forward.
Face the cruel demigods and traps and survive till the end!

Game Characteristics

Simple controls that allow you to move and attack by dragging and releasing with one hand!
Control the angle and aim at the monster!

Darkest Rogue

A dungeon crawling adventure!
Unpredictable, heart-racing stages
Lift the darkness to reveal the hidden enemies and traps!

Infinite combinations of unique skills
Obtain random skills throughout the playthrough
Make use of powerful skill combinations

Darkest Rogue

Personalized roleplaying!
Obtain powerful equipment and enhance your skills.
Tailor the classes, equipment, and skills to fit your play style and strategy

Two different graphic styles!
Pixel and 3D graphics! Enjoy whichever style you like

A masterpiece created by a 1-man development team!
A game that’s very accessible thanks to its hyper-casual control scheme!
A roguelike RPG with NETHack elements!

Darkest Rogue
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