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Dashero: Sword & Magic

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The description of Dashero: Sword & Magic

With only a sword and magic in your hand, you will face a fantasy world in Age of Calamity with full of monsters. All archers are defeated. No more archero and we need true heroes here – the “Dashero” with both sword & magic.

Explore and adventure through various mazes, and challenge hundreds of dangerous monsters, cute animals and big bosses.

Dashero: Sword & Magic

For survival, you can obtain different random skills and combine them for have countless possibilities.

Dashero: Sword & Magic

Create unique fighting styles to break through all the challenges!

Dashero: Sword & Magic

1. Roguelike smash and hit shooter
2. Unique combat system – Sword and Magic staff at the same time
3. Slash attack and long-range magic to defeat different enemies (we have no archer here)
4. Fantastic and gorgeous 3D world design
5. Super spectacular battle effects and fights against strange creatures – such as banana monsters and funny animals!
6. Beautiful and eye-catching character design with unique special combat skills
7. Play offline and free – We just want you to enjoy the game

Dashero: Sword & Magic
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