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Dawn of Kingdoms

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dawn of Kingdoms (by Level Infinite)

Barbarians have invaded, and the old world is being destroyed!
The fires of war continue to blaze, and civilization has been torn to pieces. Who can rescue those people who have been displaced?
Join us, this world awaits you.

Civilizations & Heroes
The different civilizations of the East and West are brought to life holographically. Recreate the architectural features of different civilizations and construct unique civilization totems. Design features based on the real civilization’s history and use strategies to create a development path that suits your own civilization.

Dawn of Kingdoms

Strategic battle
Explore the world, train an army, and defeat your enemies decisively.
Dozens of city-states have been overrun by barbarians and are in need of liberation.
Explore the unknown, discover a bounty of rewards, and explore the strange mysteries of this land!
In a complex world of war and politics, join with your allies and vie for dominance to conquer the world.

Dawn of Kingdoms

Real World Immersion
Geographical features like mountains and rivers will directly affect your battle strategy.
Fishing, pick golden and interact with everything. Explore ten different areas for different resources

Dawn of Kingdoms

Create Your Own Personal Territory
Design and build your own beautiful home in a lively city surrounded by mountains and rivers, where every player can create their own urban style and the four seasons give you a variety of mesmerizing views.

Dawn of Kingdoms

Super High Quality
Highly realistic 3D graphics and advanced recreations of historical civilizations. Historically accurate building and hero designs and thoroughly polished graphics to create the ultimate realistic gaming experience for all players.

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Available: Google Play – CA, AU

Dawn of Kingdoms

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