Dawn of Survivors


Soft Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of Dawn of Survivors (by WiSTONE ENTERTAINMENT INC.)

Gambit Mode, Escape And Survive

DoS adopts the gambit mode, you can explore, upgrade, re-spawn at your will to meet the goals of each game. In the game, you rely on your own efforts to overcome various challenges from rescuing human. Hunger, coldness, mutation may become the issue or test in your way. Of course, you can also have fun by collecting resources, building houses, repairing camp cars, and producing items. You’ll help more men to escape and survive in the end!

Dawn of Survivors

Multiplayer Battle, Cooperate With Your Teammates

DoS has a variety of stages, choose the single or multiplayer mode to join. Match and enter multiplayer mode with random teammates, invite friends to team up, build a shelter, explore and grow together. At the same time, you can also challenge your teammates for being the first to escape from the zombie apocalypse!

Dawn of Survivors

Sandbox Mode, Build At Will

We have introduced the environment system and brought more sandbox modes in the new version. There are weather changes in game now, the surrounding temperature, humidity and noise will affect both the characters and NPCs.

Dawn of Survivors

Tech Build, Personality Build

The survivors have their own tech builds. Tech points can be acquired by completing the stages. Technologies enhance necessary abilities of battling, gathering, producing, etc.

Available: Google Play – US, CA

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