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Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game (by Ten Square Games)

When the zombie outbreak happened, society collapsed and the world turned upside down. Amidst the raging dead, chaos, thieves, warlords and people who simply tried to survive, The Deadlanders appeared. Their goal? Surviving and helping others survive the zombie apocalypse. Join them now in this zombie shooting game!

Time to get into the action!
Explore locations, shoot zombie hordes dead, and complete various missions in this shooting zombie game, as a member of the Zombie Hunter Association. Help the innocent survive by eliminating all zombies in the area; fight to complete challenges and survive. Going through each mission, you’ll become more skilled and experienced in the art of zombie hunting which will help you survive.

Get your anti-zombie weapon ready!
Get ready for a thrilling shooting zombie adventure in Deadlander! As the dead world is overrun by dead zombies, it’s up to you to fight the undead hordes and get hunter bounties for shooting the dead that no one else is willing to fight. With a variety of powerful hunter shooting weapons at your disposal, including machine pistols, shotguns, sniper and assault rifles, you’ll blast your way through dead zombies, trying to survive.

Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

Deadlander features:
A zombie shooting game – take good aim, shoot the dead and survive!;
Zombie sniper missions – become a master hunter in killing dead zombies by choosing the right shooting position and sniper weapon;
Fast-paced shooting action – prioritize your targets fast or you won’t complete your missions;
Zombie hunter bounties – for each completed mission, collect your reward to upgrade your weapons and survive.
PvP duel games against other zombie killing hunters – see who can shoot more zombies during duel games.

Meet the zombie hunting heroes
Join forces with different hunter heroes who will help you on your mission to help humanity fight and survive the zombie apocalypse. Each hunter brings their unique skills and shooting weapons, making your hunter team more effective against the dead zombie threat. Unlock new heroes who will help you survive as you progress through missions and win duel games.

Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

Create the perfect hunter team
Gain experience – by finishing missions, you’ll earn respect and recruit new heroes who’ll help you survive;
Pay enough – hunter heroes don’t work for free! The more money you have, the stronger your companions will become and reveal new approaches on how you can use their help during zombie shooting missions or PvP games.

Hunt down the zombie bosses!
Face off against the biggest and baddest zombies in the game – the zombie bosses! These zombies are tougher, faster, and deadlier than anything else. Use all of your skills and tactics to take the dead down.

Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

Each zombie boss has its own unique abilities and weaknesses, making them a huge opponent in a shooting fight;
Study the behavior and attack patterns of each zombie to find their weak spots for shooting and deal massive damage;
Use the right shooting weapon and heroes strong enough to fight and survive.

Compete with other players against the dead zombies!
You’re not the only zombie killing hunter out there. Ready to put your zombie shooting and sniper skills to the test against others? Enter the pvp duel games, where you’ll compete in a frantic shootout with waves of dead zombies.

Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

The rules are simple
The player who earns the most points by killing zombies in the duel game wins and gets the prize;
It’s not just about the number of killed zombies – each type of zombie is worth different amounts of points, so choose your targets wisely;
You’ll face increasingly tougher, bigger waves of zombies, so before pvp games make sure you’re prepared with the best weapons to kill zombies.

Are you ready to fight against the undead zombies?

Download Deadlander, one of the most exciting zombie killing games, and find out if you can survive the zombie apocalypse!

Available: Google Play – US

Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game

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