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Deboarding: Rush Out

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The description of Deboarding: Rush Out

It is time to deboard your passengers!

You have several Passengers which need to catch their next airplane for their new destination. But in order to get on it, they need to get deboarded quickly!

You are the Mastermind behind it and have to deboard those as best as possible, in which you swap the Passengers from their seat to another, or even with another Passenger.

But beware! The VIP Passengers paid for their special seats so they can not be swapped from their place!

In Deboarding: Rush Out, you will phase this situation and have to plan your deboard in two different steps.

Deboarding: Rush Out

Step One: Plan the seating of your passengers in order for a fluent deboard of your VIP passengers. Think ahead as your choices matter in the next Step!

Deboarding: Rush Out

Step Two: Time is running! React in real time in cases if your passengers are still getting blocked or other scenarios which you could not expect before. Close a door to change the direction on which the passengers are deboarding the plane is just one of many other strategies you can use here!

Deboarding: Rush Out

Core Features:
– Thrilling Puzzle Game with 2 different Phase to interact with
– Huge amount of different levels with different kind of passengers on which the player needs to come up with the perfect strategy to, deboard all the VIP Passengers!
– Expand your Airport and upgrade your buildings to get different bonuses that help you out!
– Leaderboard system to compete with your friends and other players all around the world!

Deboarding: Rush Out
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