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Defense Conductor

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Defense Conductor (by Sonnet Games)

Defense Conductor is an attractive game combining Tower Defense and Real Time Simulation (RTS) elements.

You are a powerful Commander in the world. Your goal is to protect your base from various weapons and units. Use ancient soldiers, skeleton units, new creatures, and modern soldiers and mechanical units and turrets with a variety of functions to develop strategies and tactics.

Defense Conductor
Defense Conductor
Defense Conductor

• You can control all the air and ground units.
• Strategic and tactical elements of Tower Defense and RTS
• +70 unseen maps are the new world of defense games.
• Turret Towers with +15 different functions and power
• +35 types of airborne and ground units exist.
• +22 different skills required.
• There is an infinite map that can compete with other friends.
• Have your own powerful unit and weapon turret with up to 40 levels and 4 classes.

Defense Conductor
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