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Deity Legacy

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Deity Legacy (by MATTHEW JAMES ATHERTON)

Create your legend in this magnificent and massive world!
Leveling up and gathering with allies are just less than half of the fun!
Eye-grabbing visuals, fun and strategic explorations, and a great number of lucrative treasures are there to be discovered.

What is waiting for you in Deity Legacy?
A Map Full of Mysteries
Unlock the uncharted areas one by one and start new challenges while traveling through forest, deserts, mountains, sea and other fantastic locations. Rules? You are the rule!

Deity Legacy

Various Game-plays and Bosses
Defeat the berserk-er guards of the mysterious tower or the monsters in dark caves for tons of EXP and gears. Hunt treasures and shards left by unknown ancient divinity. Find your allies to fight together or loot the precious assets of your competitors.

Deity Legacy

Other Absorbing Quests and Systems
Escorting, producing, crafting, brewing, purifying and creating guilds, fighting together with your spouse… More to come and expect here!

Deity Legacy

Legends never die but wait for a new lord to recreate it. Come to Deity Legacy and rewrite the fate!

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Deity Legacy
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